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Jan. 31, 2017

Past Recipients


Email: Claudia Ocello

EdCom Award for Excellence in Practice 

This award recognizes an individual who demonstrates exemplary service to the public through the practice of education in a museum.

The person’s contributions may be through teaching, program development, community organizing, writing, research and/or professional activities.

Awardees meet, establish and promote the highest professional standards and are recognized as leaders in their field. Eligible nominees will be knowledgeable, demonstrate creativity and succeed in stretching the boundaries defining the parameters of good practice.



  • Jane Burrell, Senior VP for Education & Public Programs, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA

    During Jane’s 32 years in the department—23 years at its helm—she built a team and a strategy for arts education focused on the needs of the community she proudly serves. Her award winning programs are creative, impactful and measurable. Judges admired her tirelessness championing for education in the arts, her work on behalf of her team, her museum,her community, and her profession.


  • Suzy Harris, Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, AL

    Suzy Harris has worked for 24 years as an educator, administrator, and curator and her influence is felt nationally and locally in the field of museum education. Besides serving on local and statewide non-profit boards she has been involved with EdCom and NAEA. Her commitment to the community, her high standards, and her accomplishments in teaching, outreach, community programming, exhibition development, and working with teachers, schools, students, and inclusive audiences impressed the judges.


  • Leah Melber, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, IL


  • Susan Nichols, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC