Criteria and Selection Process

The SEA seeks to promote sustainable practices by sharing the work of other museums. The entries selected are not “better,” but have the most to share with the greater museum community and have the greatest impacts in terms of resource use reductions, education and behavior change.

  • Projects must reflect a significant change in policies, energy used or environmental impact and include provisions for ongoing monitoring, measuring and improvement.

  • Projects will be not be evaluated primarily on metrics, but on both metrics and institutional behavior change.

  • The quality of documentation provided, the amount of data collected over a specified period of time, and the degree to which it make green choices understandable, compelling and replicable by colleagues and visitors.

  • The reach of the project, does it influence the broader community as well as the institution?

Review and Notification

The review panel will consist of the PIC Green Board along with the following guest reviewers:

  • Sarah Popp, manager of environmental services, Detroit Zoological Society
  • Lin Nelson-Mayson, director, Goldstein Museum of Design, St. Paul, MN
  • Roger Chang, principal and director of sustainability, Westlake Reed Leskosky, Washington, DC

The submissions selected for award will be notified by e-mail by March 21. Please respond within a week that a representative from the museum will be at AAM’s Annual Meeting in Seattle (May 18–21) to take part in the recognition event.
  • All submitters will be notified of the status of their submission by April 1.

  • Post award feedback will be offered upon request. If you would like feedback on your submission send an e-mail to Please do not contact reviewers directly. Thank you.