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Announcing the Ford W. Bell Fellowship for Museums and K-12 Education

Honoring a former teacher and the authoritative voice on the role of museums in education.

We stand on the brink of a new educational era. Will we see a fractured landscape of inequitably distributed education? Or will museums join with other learning resources to create a vibrant learning grid?

With the establishment of this fellowship, the American Alliance of Museums will unite museums to create a brighter future.



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Building on the groundwork laid by CFM’s seminal report, Building the Future of Education: Museums and the Learning Ecosystem, the Ford W. Bell Fellow will:

  • disrupt conventional dialogue: promote ideas that disrupt conventional thinking about education and expand our conception of the educational landscape

  • create systemic change: instigate innovative experiments that increase the role museums play in education

  • spread the word: compile and share information needed to guide planning and decision making by museums, educators and learners

Through this fellowship, the Alliance will:

  • pilot projects to help communities integrate museums into the local learning ecosystem

  • develop strategies to foster innovative experimentation by individual museums

  • compile and disseminate case studies

  • identify existing, high-performing digital platforms that aggregate and distribute

  • educational content

  • conduct research to fill gaps in our knowledge regarding the outcomes of museums’ contributions to education

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