The Alliance closely tracks several legislative and policy issues affecting museums—including funding for grant-making federal agencies, tax incentives for charitable giving and education policy. See the Issue Briefs (PDFs) and related information below for a detailed look at these priorities and how policymakers can advance them.

Issues at a Glance (PDF)

Institute of Museum and Library Services

Issue Brief

FY 2015 Senate Labor-HHS-ED Testimony 

FY 2014 House Labor-HHS-ED Testimony

FY 2013 House OMS Funding Letter

FY 2015 Letter to House Budget Committee
FY 2014 Senate Labor-HHS-ED Testimony FY 2013 Senate OMS Funding Letter
FY 2015 House OMS Funding Letter

FY 2014 House and Senate OMS Funding Letters

FY 2012 House OMS Funding Letter

FY 2015 Senate OMS Funding Letter

Ford Bell Reacts to House Passage of FY 2013 Budget Resolution H.Con.Res.112

Alliance Comments on IMLS Strategic Plan

FY 2015 House Labor-HHS-ED Testimony, Submitted by Don Wildman

FY 2013 Testimony: Senate Labor-HHS Appropriations Subcommittee


FY 2013 Comments and Testimony: House Labor-HHS Appropriations Subcommittee   

Charitable Giving

Issue Brief

Hundreds of Museums Join November Letter in Support of IRA Rollover
Alliance Joins Coalition Letter to the White House 

Alliance Joins Charitable Deduction Letter to Rep. Paul Ryan

Alliance Joins Coalition Letter to Senate Budget Committee

Over 220 Museums Join Open House Letter in Support of IRA Rollover

Alliance Testimony on Tax Reform and Charitable Contributions
Alliance Joins Open Letter to House Ways and Means
Committee (IRA Rollover)

Alliance Joins Statement to House Ways & Means Committee

Alliance Joins IS Letter in Support of IRA Rollover
Ford Bell's Testimony on Tax Exempt Organizations

33 Senators Sign On to Letter to Protect Charitable Deduction Alliance Joins Letter Opposing Limitations to Charitable Deduction

Hundreds of Museums Join Charitable Deduction Letter
Alliance Joins IS Letter Supporting Preserving the Charitable Deduction

Alliance Joins Letter to Senate Finance Committee

Museums and the Economy

Issue Brief

Alliance Joins Over 300 Travel Organizations to Support Brand USA Reauthorization

Elementary and Secondary Education

Issue Brief

CEF Responds to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's FY15 Budget Proposal

1,065 Organizations Support Labor, Health and Human Services (HHS), and Education FY15 Appropriations

December 2013 CEF Letter on Omnibus/Balanced Budget Act

October 2013 CEF Letter to Budget Conferees

Committee for Education Funding (CEF) FY14 Education Funding Letter

922 Organizations Support Labor, Health and Human Services (HHS), and Education FY14 Appropriations

National Endowment for the Humanities

Issue Brief

FY 2015 Senate Interior Testimony

FY 2015 House Interior Testimony

November 2013 Letter on NEA/NEH Support

National Endowment for the Arts

Issue Brief

FY 2015 Senate Interior Testimony

FY 2015 House Interior Testimony

Arts Issue: The Arts Require Timely Service (ARTS) Provision Coalition Letter

STEM Education

Issue Brief

Alliance FY14 House Appropriations CJS Testimony by Jeff Rudolph (CSC)

Ford Bell's FY13 House Appropriations CJS Testimony

AAM Joins Letter of Support for Collections in Support of Biological Research (CSBR)

Historic Preservation

Issue Brief

Alliance Joins Effort to Protect Historic Properties (July 2014)

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

Issue Brief

Ethics and Best Practices for Museums

Issue Brief

Other Issues 

Museum Field Responds to House Budget

Following the U.S. House of Representatives' passage of a budget containing language that mischaracterizes museums and the federal agencies that support them, 66 national, regional and state museum associations joined the American Alliance of Museums in expressing concerns about the language and urging the House Budget Committee to reconsider this language. Read the letter.

Pennsylvania State Senate Advances Museum Funding; Incorporates Museum Standards

On May 7, a Pennsylvania State Senate committee held a hearing on SB1070, the Pennsylvania Museum Preservation Act, a bill to provide $9.5 million in grants to museums each year, to be administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. One criteria for these awards will be participation in Alliance excellence programs, with the pledge of excellence required for eligibility in the first two years, after which an eligible museum will need to have its core documents approved.

See the Alliance letter of support for the bill. 

Past Items

Federal Funding & Sequestration NDD Letter (October 2013)
Georgia Archives Letter to Governor Deal (September 2012)

Capitol Hill Briefings

Health Care: Museums Do That?

The Alliance is pleased to announce a ground-breaking report on health-related programs at museums nationwide. A June 17, 2013 Capitol Hill briefing featured remarks from Cummer Museum and Gardens (Jacksonville, FL), Field Museum (Chicago, IL), Newark Museum (Newark, NJ), Please Touch Museum (Philadelphia, PA) and the Association of Art Museum Directors.