Advocacy Alert: Sept. 21

Congress Passes Temporary Spending Measure; Heads Home to Meet With Constituents

By the end of the weekend, Congress will almost certainly have taken two significant actions:

  1. passing stopgap legislation to temporarily fund the government; and
  2. adjourning until after November’s elections.

Temporary Funding Measure Set to Pass

Congressional leaders have reached a bipartisan agreement to essentially extend current funding levels for almost all government programs until the end of March 2013.  That legislation (often known as a continuing resolution or CR) has now passed the House of Representatives and has cleared key procedural hurdles in the Senate, making its passage imminent. 

But there are still problems ahead: Most federal agencies still face an automatic 8-10 percent cut in January unless Congress acts to stop it. So while the government will not be shut down during the next six months, Congress is expected to return to Washington, D.C., in November to make critical decisions on the federal budget and tax code.

With so much at stake, will you help us demonstrate the vital role of museums?

Congress Heads Home; Invite Them to Your Museum!

During the next six weeks leading up to Election Day, many legislators will be meeting with local community leaders, businesses, and constituents. And while we’re certainly not suggesting running afoul of campaign laws (see the Alliance’s guide to election advocacy), election season offers a tremendous opportunity to meet with legislators and showcase your museum’s work in the community. 

"Now is the perfect time to invite your legislators to your museum, meet with them in their office, or ask a question at a public event," said Alliance President Ford W. Bell. "I'm proud that so many museums from across the country hosted legislators and staff during 'Invite Congress to Visit Your Museum' week in August, but we need to continue making our case. If museums aren't at the table, we run the risk of being on the table."

Reminder: National Voter Registration Day is Sept. 25. Do you know the upcoming voter registration deadlines in your state? Visit Nonprofit Vote’s voter registration page to get all the info you need.