About Seattle

Arts and Culture

Seattle’s arts scene mirrors its inhabitants. For every traditionalist, there’s a non-traditionalist; for every serious piece of art, there’s something to make you laugh. What inspires us? Some say it’s the coffee culture. Others say it’s the weather. It could just be that Seattle is the cultural center of the Northwest, and its citizens are happy to celebrate. Whatever it is, there’s no doubt that things are fun and a little quirky, too. Learn more about Seattle’s art scene here.

Beer Culture

There are few things cozier to do in Seattle on a rainy day than hole up in a brewpub with some friends and enjoy some locally brewed beer. Many claim that Washington started the microbrew rebirth in the 1980s. In fact, it boasts one of the country’s largest concentrations of breweries, and with good reason. Three-fourths of the nation’s hops—one of beer’s major ingredients—are produced in the nearby Yakima Valley. The area’s pristine sources of mountain spring water and other fresh local ingredients make it an ideal brewing ground. Learn more about Seattle’s Beer Culture and local breweries.

Dining and Nightlife

Seattle offers a wide variety of dining options, from seafood to Asian fusion, organic, Italian—and of course, coffee. Discover some of Seattle’s best restaurants in this complete list of everything Seattle has to offer. 


Seattle is home to a number of iconic sightseeing experiences, such as Pike Place Market, the Seattle Center, Seattle Art Museum, the Seattle Waterfront and the Woodland Park Zoo. Learn more about these and other sights here.

More information

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