If You Don’t Talk to Your Board About Money, Who Will?
Governance and Leadership
Washington State Convention Center  Monday, May 19  8:45-10 a.m.     608 
Although board members generally understand that a major part of their responsibility is raising money, it continues to be a challenge—particularly in smaller and mid-sized organizations—for all members to meet their fundraising obligations. This session will identify a number of techniques that can assist museum leaders to clearly identify board financial responsibilities and help ensure 100-percent participation.

Small Museums

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Learner Outcomes

Lindsey Baker - Laurel Historical Society

Neal Hitch - Imperial Valley Desert Museum

Janice Klein - Museum Association of Arizona

Janice Klein is the Executive Director of the Museum Association of Arizona in addition to running her own consulting company, EightSixSix Consulting, which specializes in collection management and small museum administration. She has over 25 years of museum experience, including ten as Registrar of the Department of Anthropology at The Field Museum, Chicago and eight as the Executive Director of the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian (Evanston IL). She has organized and led numerous profe

Ruth Ann Rugg - Texas Association of Museums