Not Just for Kids: Giving Adults Permission to Play
Education and Interpretation
The Conference Center  Tuesday, May 20  10:15-11:30 a.m.     304 
As more museums embrace a 21st-century participatory model, new challenges emerge. Often, adults perceive engaged learning experiences as “just for kids.” How can we design hands-on gallery experiences that beckon adult visitors? Join a lively discussion about adults and participation.

Session Format :    Flash

Learner Outcomes

Elizabeth Fleming - Museum of Life and Science

Winifred Kehl -

Merilee Mostov - Columbus Museum of Art

As Chief Engagement Officer at Columbus Museum of Art, leads the museum exhibition planning process as well as the development of a diverse range of in-gallery experiences. Project Manager for CMA’s Chase Center for Creativity, curates several experimental galleries including the Wonder Room, Big Idea Gallery, and Creativity Lounge. Spearheads visitor research and all staff workshops.

Stefania Van Dyke - Denver Art Museum