Re-imagining Your Logic Model: Using an Old Dog for New Tricks
Organizational Planning and Evaluation
The Conference Center  Sunday, May 18  3:30-4:45 p.m.     LL5 
Logic models are often developed and then left to sit on the shelf unused. In this session, participants will explore creative applications for logic models. Panelists will discuss examples from different arenas, including a children’s museum, science museum, and historic sites and museums, as well as from the perspectives of internal and external evaluators.

Session Format :    Storytelling

Learner Outcomes

Sheila Brommel - Minnesota Historical Society

Sheila Brommel is the Evaluation Manager for the Minnesota Historical Society. She has more than thirty years of experience in social work practice, management, administration, research and teaching. Sheila has knowledge and experience in program evaluation, program development and implementation, accreditation and continuous quality improvement. She also has experience in training and education utilizing outstanding communication skills.

Cheryl Kessler -

Elizabeth Rosino - Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Claire Thoma - The Children's Museum of Indianapolis