Preserving Collections in a Digital World
Collections Stewardship
The Conference Center  Wednesday, May 21  10:15-11:30 a.m.     202 
This session will cover ways to fund and complete the digitizing of an archival collection for small museums. Presenters also cover how to finance and find help to complete the project, and ways that work or do not work to counter reluctance from less-tech-savvy board members, staff and volunteers.

Small Museums

Session Format :    Storytelling

Learner Outcomes

Jody Crago - Chandler Museum

Jody Crago is the Museum Administrator for Chandler, AZ, and Past President of the Museum Association of Arizona. Throughout his career, Jody has focused on small museums and their connection to communities. He co-created the online resource ChandlerpediA which has quickly become a digital humanities and museum resource for Chandler and the surrounding region. Jody has a MA in Museum Studies and has worked in museums for more than 20 years.

Leah Niederstadt - Wheaton College Permanent Collection and Beard & Weil Galleries

Erica Ward -