Effective Advocacy in Your Community: Learn How!
Marketing and Public Relations
The Conference Center  Sunday, May 18  2-3:15 p.m.     202 
Silver City, New Mexico. Massillon, Ohio. Memphis, Tennessee. Your city, state, museum. What do they all have in common? A critical need to engage broadly with the community and effectively advocate for the museum. Advocacy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Hear you peers’ first-hand experiences and lessons learned.

Small Museums

Session Format :    Storytelling

Learner Outcomes

Cynthia Bettison - Western New Mexico University Museum

Dr. Cynthia Bettison has 25 years of experience as the Director of the Western New Mexico University Museum, a small academic museum. She has planned/managed 3 construction/renovation projects that required museum closure. Learning from past projects, she is leading inclusive programmatic planning meetings with stakeholders for a $3.3 million project. The goals are to avoid past project pitfalls, and anticipate new concerns during planning.

Alexandra Coon - Massillon Museum

Ember Farber - American Alliance of Museums

Patricia Harris -