Where Does Curating End and Interpretation Begin?
Education and Interpretation
The Conference Center  Wednesday, May 21  8:45-10 a.m.     303 
This panel will examine what happens in an art museum when interpretation begins the moment a curator identifies the list of artworks. How do you ensure that interpretation isn’t relegated to an iPad or adjacent space, but actually impacts the big idea and overall experience of the exhibition?

Session Format :    Flash

Learner Outcomes

Michelle Jacques - Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Kelly McKinley -

Tania Muir - Diploma in Cultural Resource Management - University of Victoria

Constantine Petridis - Cleveland Museum of Art

Keri Ryan - Art Gallery of Ontario

Keri Ryan is the Associate Director of Interpretation and Visitor Research at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Keri brings insights to the museum field and the AGO’s planning tables from over 20 years of experience as a museum educator, evaluator and interpretive planner. At the AGO Keri leads a cross functional team responsible for integrating research across all business and mission areas of the museum.