Work-Work Balance in Next-Generation Museum Careers
Career Management
Washington State Convention Center  Tuesday, May 20  8:45-10 a.m.     618-619 
This session focuses on “work-work balance”—handling specific tasks of one’s role while taking on projects that might advance career or interests. Participants will consider balance and career success through group activities that allow for assessment, personal mission-building and role advocacy.

Global Perspectives

Session Format :    Idea Forum

Learner Outcomes

Janeen Bryant -

Laurie Fink - Science Museum of Minnesota

Courtney Gerber - Minnesota Museum of American Art

Victoria Glazomitsky - Nichols House Museum

As the Special Projects Manager for the CEO at Peabody Essex Museum, Victoria works on projects that don’t neatly fit into any one department, including PEM’s building expansion, organizational strategies, and programmatic initiatives. Prior to PEM, Victoria was the Strategic Planning Project Manager at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, overseeing strategic, financial, and programmatic planning. She has a degree in Art History and International Management from UMass, Boston.

Julie Johnson - J2R2 Leadership & Change Associates, LLC

Virgil Talaid - New York Transit Museum

Virgil Talaid is the Education Specialist at the New York Transit Museum. He has almost twenty years of experience in staff and program development at NYTM, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, served as the New York City Museum Educators Roundtable’s Membership Chair and is currently Co-Chair of the AAM Diversity Committee. He holds an M.S.Ed. in Educational and Arts Leadership from Bank Street College and Parsons School of Design.