Find Your Place on the Continuum of Excellence
Organizational Planning and Evaluation
Washington State Convention Center  Monday, May 19  1:45-3 p.m.     618-619 
Meeting national standards is not an end unto itself. Using standards to propel your museum—large or small—forward in all areas of operation reaps benefits for years to come. Locate your institution’s place on the Continuum of Excellence and find the program that will move it to the next level.

Small Museums

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Cherie Cook - American Association for State and Local History

Betsy Davis -

Julie Hart - American Alliance of Museums

Ms. Hart has worked directly with the AAM’s Accreditation Program since 1996. In 2008 she became AAM’s Senior Director for Museum Standards and Excellence, overseeing the Accreditation, Museum Assessment, and Core Document Verification Programs, the Information Center, and museum standards and ethics issues. Over the past five years she has led the development and launch of the Reinvention of Accreditation and the Continuum of Excellence

C.J. Roberts - Tampa Bay History Center