Mistakes Were Made
Exhibit Planning and Design
The Conference Center  Tuesday, May 20  3:15-4:30 p.m.     101 
Resources squandered, stakeholders alienated, deadlines missed. We honestly admit our biggest blunders and what we learned from them. A crowd-sourced contest finds the biggest mistakes in the room, and we award the AAM Epic Failure Trophy of 2014. Sharing is the first step in learning!

Sponsored by Exhibits Development Group (EDG).


Session Format :    Creative Collaborations

Learner Outcomes

Kathy Gustafson Hilton - Hands On Inc.

Sean Kelley - Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site

Has run all public programming at ESP since 1995. Produced the site’s award-winning audio tour, now heard by more than a million visitors. Has curated nearly 100 site-specific artist installations at the site. Visits active prisons and writes critically about prison museums and sites of detention. Speaks on the ethical challenges posed by large-scale fundraising events in sites with complex histories.

Kathleen McLean - Independent Exhibitions

Kathleen McLean is Principal of Independent Exhibitions, and author of many museum books and articles, including "Planning for People in Museum Exhibitions."

Evelyn Orantes - Oakland Museum of California