Re-imagining Visitor Encounters with Objects
Exhibit Planning and Design
The Conference Center  Sunday, May 18  2-3:15 p.m.     304 
How are museums developing visitor connections to collections? In this forum, presenters share new ideas for thinking about visitor encounters with objects and look at how museum collections can play a bigger role in the meaningful, personal connections visitors make both now and in the future.

Sponsored by Exhibits Development Group (EDG).


Session Format :    Idea Forum

Learner Outcomes

Christian Carron - The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Cecilia Garibay - Garibay Group, Inc.

Cecilia Garibay is Principal of Garibay Group, a research, evaluation and strategic planning firm based in Chicago that helps organizations more effectively serve visitors and reach new audiences. Garibay Group regularly consults with organizations on audience development initiatives, with a particular focus on reaching the Latino market and other multicultural audiences. She recently co-completed a large study exploring the impact of bilingual exhibits on both audiences and the hosting museums.

Kiersten Latham - School of Library & Information Science, Museum Studies Specialization - Kent State University

K.F. Latham, associate professor at Kent State University, where she has developed and teaches the specialization in museum studies from an LIS perspective. In addition to academic work, she has worked in, on,and about museums in various capacities for over 20 years. Her research interests convene around the meaning of museum objects and the conceptual foundations of museums as knowledge systems. She also runs the experimental MuseLab- a place for thinking, doing & learning about museal things.

Seema Rao - Cleveland Museum of Art

Seema Rao has almost 15 years of experience developing innovative ways for visitors to engage with museums collections from programming to technology content. Her personal interests include social media as an instigator for creativity, inclusion and engagement programming, and creative content for museums.

John Russick - Chicago History Museum

John Russick is the Vice President for Interpretation and Education at the Chicago History Museum. His most recent publications include Connecting Kids to History with Museum Exhibitions (Left Coast Press, 2010) and Remembering Chicago: Crime in the Capone Era (Turner Publications, 2010). He served as a consultant to the 2011 Florentine Films documentary, Prohibition, directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. He organizes AAM's annual Excellence in Exhibition Label Writing Competition.

Elee Wood - Museum Studies Program - Indiana University & Purdue University Indianapolis

Elee Wood is Associate Professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) where she teaches course in Museum Education and Museum Audiences. She is the Director of the Museum Studies Program at IUPUI, and serves as the Public Scholar of Museums, Families and Learning at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. She serves as the Editor in Chief of Museums and Social Issues. Her research interests include object-based learning, informal learning in community settings, and critica