Hack the Museum: Experiments in Exhibition-Making
Exhibit Planning and Design
The Conference Center  Wednesday, May 21  8:45-10 a.m.     304 
For three days last July, 75 exhibit designers and creative professionals with a mandate to challenge museum orthodoxy came together at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History and created an exhibition from scratch. Join participants in a discussion of the experience and the exhibition.

Sponsored by Exhibits Development Group (EDG).


Session Format :    Idea Forum

Learner Outcomes

Whitney Ford-Terry - Henry Art Gallery - University of Washington

Maria Mortati - Maria Mortati Exhibition Design

Eric Siegel -

Eric Siegel is Director and Chief Content Officer at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) where he leads new projects and research. Eric has been in senior roles in art and science museums for 35. He has published widely, served on the graduate faculty of the New York University and as President of the National Association for Museum Exhibition; Board Member of SolarOne, an urban environmental organization in NYC; and Chairman of the Museums Council of New York City.

Nina Simon - Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

Jason Jay Stevens - Flutter & Wow Museum Projects