Do or Don’t Shoot! Museums and Visitor Photography
Collections Stewardship
Washington State Convention Center  Tuesday, May 20  1:45-3 p.m.     615-617 
With current technology making photography and the sharing of images a breeze, it has become harder to monitor visitor photography in galleries. Presenters will discuss their institutions’ policies on visitor photography, the decision-making process and issues for implementation.

Session Format :    Idea Forum

Learner Outcomes

Cherie Chen - J. Paul Getty Museum

Ryan French - Walker Art Center

Anne Young - Indianapolis Museum of Art

Anne M. Young has been with the Indianapolis Museum of Art since 2010 and is currently the manager of rights and reproductions, in which role she is responsible for processing all external requests for the use of IMA-created visual content, obtaining permissions for IMA uses of images, and administering the Museum’s onsite photography policy. She also initiates and manages all licensing agreements with artists and/or rights holders for works in the IMA’s collection.