Building Evaluation Capacity for Museums and Staff
Education and Interpretation
The Conference Center  Wednesday, May 21  10:15-11:30 a.m.     305 
Capacity to conduct evaluations in museums is essential. While capacity for internal staff to conduct evaluations in museums is growing, professional development is still needed. This session will focus on three innovative and successful models for building evaluation capacity in museums and in museum professionals, both current and future.

Session Format :    Idea Forum

Learner Outcomes

Marley Steele-Inama - Denver Zoo

Marley Steele-Inama is the Director of Audience Research and Evaluation at the Denver Zoo. She contributes 15 years of informal learning experience through the development, delivery and evaluation of informal science and conservation education programs. She is currently the Chair for the Committee on Audience Research for AAM.

Nick Visscher - Denver Zoo

Elee Wood - Museum Studies Program - Indiana University & Purdue University Indianapolis

Elee Wood is Associate Professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) where she teaches course in Museum Education and Museum Audiences. She is the Director of the Museum Studies Program at IUPUI, and serves as the Public Scholar of Museums, Families and Learning at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. She serves as the Editor in Chief of Museums and Social Issues. Her research interests include object-based learning, informal learning in community settings, and critica