Lessons from the International Community: Sharing Cultural Heritage Across Generations
Education and Interpretation
Washington State Convention Center  Monday, May 19  1:45-3 p.m.     620 
"First Peoples: A Co-Curated Exhibition between Museum Victoria and Indigenouse Communities in Australia at the Bunjikala Aboriginal Cultural Centre" higlights how this collaborative model has facilitated community access, improved research and identification, informed the management and display of collections in a culturally sensitive manner, and fostered the exchange of knowledge and skills.

"Engaging Visitors with Intangible Heritage" investigates programs in development at the National Museum of Qatar that will represent the history, heritage and culture of Qatar through collections and a special emphasis on intangible cultural heritage such as stories, poems and celebrations that have been passed down from generations. Participants will experience and explore how intangible heritage can be presented to engage audience and celebrate national identity.


Global Perspectives

Session Format :    Flash

Learner Outcomes