Lessons from the International Community: Objects and the Visitor Experience in a Social Context
Collections Stewardship
Washington State Convention Center  Tuesday, May 20  8:45-10 a.m.     620 
Nurturing Early Childhood Development with Museum Experiences

Gain insight on how the Museu Internacional de Arte Naïf (MIAN) connects children up to three years of age with families using their collection. MIAN’s experience, theoretical basis, logistics, costs and required expertise will be highlighted using images, short movies and data gathered over the past six months.

A Relevant Museum: Innovative Strategies of Grand Change

In 2012 an unprecedented grant program “Dynamic Museum” was launched in Ukraine encouraging local museums to “dream” on their future and start transforming themselves in experimental and innovative ways. Two museums won the grants and currently actively work over transition from post- Soviet model towards a new one – open, proactive, creative, attractive, innovative, focused on visitors, engaging and influential. Challenges, approaches, hopes, lessons and first results on the road of change for the grantee will be showcased.


Global Perspectives

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