Lessons from the International Community: Organizational Growth and Change
Organizational Planning and Evaluation
Washington State Convention Center  Tuesday, May 20  10:15-11:30 a.m.     620 
Re-envisioning the Future of the Mongolia Natural History Museum introduces the museum’s past, present and future. Learn how the museum is re-envisioning its mission under a democratic and free market economy, and the opportunities and challenges this has created in changing public expectations about cultural meaning, expression and identity.

The Institutionalization of a National Museum Policy in Brazil examines the participatory process and some of the considerations and issues that helped successfully shape the National Museum Policy for the museum sector and supported social museology and its perspectives in Brazil.


Global Perspectives

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Learner Outcomes

Myandas Jambaldorj - Mongolian Museum of Natural History

Eneida Braga Rocha de Lemos - Brazilian Institute of Museums - IBRAM National Center for Research and Docum

Ariun Sanjaajamts -

Greg Stevens - American Alliance of Museums

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