Big Idea Speaker: Denis Hayes
Washington State Convention Center  Tuesday, May 20  3:15-4:30 p.m.     6BC 
While he is a seasoned veteran of many legislative, cultural and courtroom battles over the years—and the author of numerous books and articles—Denis Hayes is probably best known for serving as national coordinator of the first Earth Day when he was 25. During the Carter years, Hayes directed the National Renewable Energy Laboratory; during the Reagan years, he was a professor of engineering and human ecology at Stanford University. A Time magazine “Hero of the Planet,” Hayes has received the John Muir Award, the Rachel Carson Medal and a National Jefferson Award. At the Bullitt Foundation, he leads an effort to mold the American Pacific Northwest into a global model of sustainability, applying ecological principles to the design of “human ecosystems.” To “walk its talk,” the foundation recently completed the world’s greenest office building (see

Global Perspectives

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