Museum Pride: the Social Role of Museums in LGBTQ Advocacy
Forces of Change
Georgia World Congress Center  Monday, April 27  8:30-9:45 a.m.     B316 
Achieving legal and social equity for LGBTQ persons extends beyond the work of activists and allies; immense, public, bipartisan support is growing worldwide. Several museums have readily partnered with LGBTQ organizations, becoming active participants in social change. Many museums, however, remain reluctant. Join us as four museums reflect on how and why they joined the LGBTQ dialogue, their stumbles and victories, and the self-discovery and organizational change along the way.

Small Museums

Session Format :    Talk Show

Learner Outcomes

1. Participants will gain knowledge about why and how four museums chose to connect, create, and co-learn with LGBTQ audiences and community groups.

2. Participants will gain and/or improve skills to assist in actively joining conversations about engagement with LGBTQ audiences and community groups.

3. Participants will learn strategies for starting, deepening, and sustaining initiatives and partnerships with LGBTQ audiences and community groups.