Museums Connect: Transcendence, Transformation and Triumph
Georgia World Congress Center  Tuesday, April 28  3:15-4:30 p.m.     B203 
Museums Connect, an international exchange grant program funded through the U.S. Department of State and administered through AAM, forges partnerships between U.S. and international museums on a range of societal issues that champion cross-cultural understanding and cultural diplomacy. Learn how three projects on food culture, the African diaspora and understanding Islam in a cross cultural context inspired enduring impact on self-identity, community cohesion and empowerment, and how they have insformed museum meaning and practice. This session will be simultaneously interpreted in Mandarin and Spanish.

Global Perspectives

Session Format :    Talk Show

Learner Outcomes

1. Transformative practices that entrust communities with an active, equal, and integral stake in museum mission and success

2. Importance of international museum collaborations to deepen a shared understanding on the incalculable value of museums in community development

3. Challenges and triumphs of working cross borders to bridge understanding on shared ideals despite different cultural, social, and political contexts