Defining and Measuring the Real Impact of Museums and Social Engagement
Forces of Change
Georgia World Congress Center  Tuesday, April 28  10:45-12 p.m.     B212 
This Conversation Starter will explore four topics:

From Fringe to Core: Museums as a Community Resource

Many institutions provide valued services to their communities, yet often these programs do not form the core of the institution’s identity. How might our institutions be different if they did? Join us for a conversation exploring this possibility. Museums typically have a fairly narrow public identity, focused on their collections and exhibitions. Yet museums actually do much more! Let’s explore how we might amplify this work and move museums to being seen as more integral to our communities.

The Socially Inclusive Museum: Measuring Our Social Impact

Based on theoretical frameworks of LIS, I purpose that there are methods available for the evaluation of the social role of museums. This presentation will briefly suggest a theoretical background for developing and implementing museum evaluation strategies, and will call upon audience participation to link these theoretical notions to museum practice. The reflections by and dialogues between practitioners are of prime importance to deepening our understanding of the social role of the museum.

How I Make the Case and Measure the Impact of my Museum

Learn how a museum director uses mapping software to advocate for her museum’s social, educational and community/statewide impact. Hear how she uses this map (developed in conjunction with the Association of Art Museum Directors) in practically every kind of conversation - with funders, with the school district, with Congress, and with her own board of trustees – to make the case for her museum.

Empowering Teens Through Museum Creative Youth Development Programs

How can museums foster young people’s individual growth and help them develop critical learning and life skills necessary for success? Enter creative youth development, which includes out-of-school time arts, humanities, and science programs. Learn how museums are empowering teens and exemplifying this community of practice. Staff from the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities—which administers the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards—will highlight and animate best practices in community youth development.


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