Accreditation Commissioner Nominations

Nominations accepted through August 3, 2015


  1. Read the Background information below
  2. Read the Commissioner Position Description
  3. Complete the Nomination Form (contact details, references, questions about interest and qualifications) and e-mail it to
  4. Update your Peer Reviewer profile. (Get instructions)
    • If you are not already a Peer Reviewer, contact Julie Hart for access

 A complete nomination submission consists of:

  • Nomination Form
  • Completed Peer Reviewer Profile
  • Uploaded resume or CV

Process and Schedule

  • August 3, 2015: Nomination period closes
  • September-October: Nominating Committee vets candidates; presents recommendations to Alliance Board Chair
  • November: Chair makes final selection and full Board ratifies; offers made to candidates
  • February 2016: New Commissioner(s) attend their first meeting


One piece of the reinvention of accreditation initiative is a new formal, inclusive and transparent selection process that allows individuals to self-nominate and which is led by a cross-discipline nominating committee.

The guiding principles of the accreditation reinvention initiative include:
  • making accreditation significantly different—not just tweaked—and more accessible, relevant and achievable
  • making it streamlined without a dilution of standards
  • putting greater emphasis on a museum’s impact, not just on its processes and policies
  • giving increased attention to the museum’s public service and educational role
  • available to serve February 2016–2021 (3 meetings per year)

Significant change has taken place in the Accreditation Program in the last three years. Through process, policy, technology, and philosophy changes, the accreditation review time has been cut in half; self-studies are 50–75% shorter and completely online; and new accreditation preparation programs have launched.

The goal of moving the accreditation program out of and beyond the status quo not only applies to the mechanics of the accreditation process, but also to the Accreditation Commission and its work. The Commission played a key role in envisioning the changes and shaping the new materials and process; it must now respond to the results of implementation by revising how it practically and philosophically carries out its core decision-making responsibilities, and ensure the new programmatic vision is sustained.

Therefore, the Nominating Committee is looking for museum professionals:
  • with significant senior leadership experience who are champions of the new direction of the accreditation program and want to be part of a change process
  • who are creative thinkers and are willing to be flexible as the Commission redefines how it does its work and the new processes play out
  • committed to advancing museums and the field through the accreditation program and Continuum of Excellence
  • who are extremely accountable and professional
  • available to serve February 2015–2020

See the official position description for a full list of qualifications, qualities and responsibilities.

The 2015 Nominating Committee particularly seeks individuals with experience and expertise in any of the following areas: academic museums, state or municipal governance, art museums, natural history museums, smaller to medium-sized museums, multi-disciplinary museums.

(Nominations submitted in 2014 do not need to be resubmitted; they will be considered in this round.)