Sample Assessment Timeline

Museums have the option of applying for the Dec. 1 or July 1 deadline. Here is a sample timeline of what happens next.

Winter Group (Dec. 1 Deadline)

Summer Group (July 1 Deadline)

  • Notification of acceptance
  • Invoice for MAP administrative fees (due within 30 days)
  • Welcome Packet
  • Begin self-study



  • Continue work on self-study
  • MAP staff confirms peer reviewers and forwards contact information to museum
  • Receive Site Visit Information packet
  • Contact peer reviewers to schedule site visit and develop visit agenda
  • Share site visit date with MAP staff



  • Self-study workbooks due:
    May 15 (Winter Group)
    Dec. 15 (Summer Group)
  • Site visits completed by:
  • July 15 (Winter Group)
    March 15 (Summer Group)
  • 8-10 weeks after visit, MAP staff forwards peer reviewer's report to museum

 Summer and Beyond

Spring and Beyond

  • End of MAP assessment period
  • Implementation period (ongoing)
  • Follow-up with peer reviewer
  • One year follow-up evaluation