Museum Careers

Help Wanted

American Alliance of Museums

Museum magazine discusses the shrinking number of senior development positions and the impact it has on the field. The article provides insight on nurturing managerial skills for younger development professionals. (must be an Alliance member to access this article)

The Best Job Search Advice I Ever Received: Pretend You're Fired Today

Career Attraction

What would you do if you were fired today? Career Attraction shares sage advice on how to get back in the saddle, but there is a catch. Lisa Rangel suggests that it's not just for those looking for a job, it's for those who aren't too.

15 Quick Tips For Succeeding as a Solopreneur

Quintessential Careers

Quintessential Careers provides 15 tips for succeeding as a freelancer or consultant, which include creating a brand, building a client base and balancing work and life.

Are You Ready to Start and Run Your Own Business? A Quintessential Careers Entrepreneurship Assessment

Quintessential Careers

Quintessential Careers shares an assessment tool that helps individuals in considering becoming a consultant.

Museum Careers: Fit, Readiness & Development

Virginia Association of Museums

Virginia Association of Museums shares a white paper on assessing interests and skills in order to choose the right museum position and organization size; it also includes career development guidance including building a resume and finding leadership opportunities.