In addition to incorporating the required outcome of creating increased understanding between the U.S. community and the community abroad, projects addressing the following themes identified by Museums Connect will receive additional consideration. 

Addressing Community Challenges

Projects strengthen local communities by tackling critical issues (e.g., empowering women and youth; mitigating religious, cultural, or political tensions; advocating for human rights), by providing opportunities for civic engagement and volunteerism or by creating a forum for the disengaged or disenfranchised.

Adapting to Changing Demographics

Projects explore how museums can adapt to the changing culture and demographics of their communities (e.g., shifting age distributions, the implications of global migration, reaching underserved communities).

Promoting Disability Rights and Engagement

Projects promote disability rights and foster social inclusion by raising awareness about how to ensure enjoyment of rights by persons with disabilities of all types, including physical, sensory, cognitive, learning and psychosocial; by exploring ways to create an inclusive and accessible society for all; by using museum resources to serve the needs of people with disabilities in ways uniquely suited to museums' missions; and by reducing barriers to access and participation.

Investing in Green Practices

Projects develop innovative strategies for green practices (e.g., sustainable agriculture, renewable and clean energy, food and water conservation, waste reduction, sustainable tourism) or create models for implementing green practices locally on a grassroots level and/or more broadly on a policy level.

Developing Amateur Experts

Projects recruit and train community members as active participants in content creation through crowdsourcing and involvement as citizen scientists/citizen historians and social media commentators as the role of museums changes from the voice of authority to that of mentor, moderator and clearinghouse of trusted information.