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Museums and the Internet of Things

Thursday, Oct. 17
2–3 p.m. (ET)

A Center for the Future of Museums webcast

It's called the "Internet of Things" (IoT)—and the Alliance's Center for the Future of Museums says it's a trend that museums need to watch closely. Imagine a system where sensors and other devices autonomously collect information about the real world, swap data over digital networks and then trigger responses without human intervention. Cities are already using the technology to become "smarter" and more efficient. Museums can (or might) use the same technology to monitor and control environmental conditions, collections, exhibitions—or even visitors. This webcast will provide a conceptual introduction to. IoT, with case studies from urban and commercial settings as well as museums

How Will I Benefit?

By participating in this program, attendees will be better able to:
  • Define the “Internet of Things” and the technical and social implications of this emerging technology
  • Identify some of the current applications of IoT, both outside and inside the museum field
  • Explore potential applications of IoT in museums

Who Should Attend

All museum professionals, but especially those interested in information technology, collections care, visitor interactions and strategic foresight (“museum futurism”).


  • Philip M. Katz, assistant director for research, American Alliance of Museums, Washington, D.C.


  • Greg Stevens, assistant director, professional development, American Alliance of Museums, Washington, D.C.
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The Internet of Things

Learn more about the Internet of Things by reading TrendsWatch 2013: Back to the Future.

About the Center for the Future of Museums

The American Alliance of Museums' Center for the Future of Museums (CFM) helps museums shape a better tomorrow by exploring cultural, political and economic challenges by monitoring cultural, technological, political and economic trends of importance to museums; equipping museums to help their communities address the challenges of coming decades; and building connections between museums and other sectors.

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