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Center for the Future of Museums's TrendsWatch 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

An Alliance Online Town Hall

In this online town hall CFM director Elizabeth Merritt will present an overview of the emerging trends shaping society and museums, drawn from the Alliance’s newest forecasting report. Topics include the rise of social entrepreneurship, the booming business of big data analysis, rising concerns about privacy, the “sharing economy,” synesthetic experiences and (just for fun) robots. These trends will shape the economic and cultural climate in which museums operated, and present challenges and opportunities for museum planning

How Will I Benefit?

By participating in this program, Alliance members will be better able to:

  • Plan in the context of trends shaping the expectations of their audiences
  • Understand changes in their economic operating environment
  • Create resilient plans for the future

Who Should Attend

Museum directors, CFOs and other senior staff responsible for planning & resource allocation; staff responsible for program and exhibit development; staff responsible for data analysis and management of digital resources and independent professional.


  • Elizabeth Merritt, founding director, Center for the Future of Museums, American Alliance of Museums, Washington, DC


  • Greg Stevens, assistant director, professional development, American Alliance of Museums, Washington, DC