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Leadership of Angie Judge

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Angie Judge - Chair, Media & Technology
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Dexibit
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Media & Technology Network

The Media & Technology (M&T) Professional Network represents museum professionals and others who use technology to serve the field in a broad array of areas, such as production of media resources for interpretation; defining standards; building databases; and creation, maintenance, and support of growing technologies that museums use to further their missions.

The network strives to identify, access, and advocate for a broad variety of uses for media and technology that help museum professionals meet the needs of their diverse publics.

Some of our activities include:

  • Serving committee members and the museum profession by tracking and advising on national policies, trends, issues, and activities in media and technology, including (but not limited to) audio, video, film, and multimedia.
  • Organizing program sessions and the Marketplace of Ideas at the Alliance’s Annual Meeting, where delegates can observe, discuss, and participate in innovative applications relating to various disciplines and museum roles.
  • Providing a link between the world of museums and that of media and technology, exploring common interests and concerns.


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