How architects are using virtual reality to walk through buildings that don’t yet exist

Two-dimensional renderings (such as the ones you see on this page) can deliver a general idea of a building's form and scale. But virtual reality's uncanny ability to convey a sensation of …

Māori ancestors repatriated to New Zealand by the Peabody Museum

How Artists Fight Vision Loss and Continue to Make New Work

At LACMA, new urgency to finish raising $650 million for the new museum building

Pinning Art: The Data and Stories behind Pinterest Traffic to the Online Collection

Finding Ways to Respect the Past (But not the way you think)

Backpack-Sized Archiving Kit Empowers Community Historians to Record Local Narratives

Are Participant Demographics the Most Useful Single Measure of Community Impact?

Are Fabricators the Most Important People in the Art World?

Dia:Beacon at 15: How the arts institution shaped the Hudson Valley

Can Artists Do Anything to Prevent Climate Change? Miami Beach Has Recruited One to Find Out

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How a Museum is using American Artifacts to help Immigrants Become Citizens

Community Engagement & Impact
On the bottom floor of New York City's oldest museum groups of immigrants are working to become American citizens. Green card holders like Ingrid Kaminski - who's been …

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Recent developments in the arts philanthropy space suggest that donors are increasingly viewing the arts experience as a means to an end. To the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and collector …