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Museum Store Sunday

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Last year, more than 700 nonprofit museums saw a 37 percent increase in visitors, 23 percent increase in museum store transactions, and 60 percent increase in net store sales on the Sunday …
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A corkscrewing creation in the Arizona desert, the David and Gladys Wright House boasts an impressive pedigree. Built in 1952, this three-bedroom nautilus of a home, designed by …

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How is a red bug from Mexico so deeply tied to the representation of papal power in the late-1400s? First some background. It all starts with small red bugs, called cochineal, that live on …

Set Your Superpower Free! 10 tips to help small museum professionals tap into their creativity.

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This article originally appeared in the November/December issue of Museum magazine, a benefit of membership with the Alliance. You’ve probably heard some variation of the following: making …