Director/Chairman Workshop

Event Date:
Hartford, CT
The Director/Chairman Workshop will take an in-depth look at this important relationship. This workshop is only open to Museum Directors and Board Chairmen and will take place at the …

C2C Care Course: Preservation Methods and Materials for Exhibitions

Event Date:
Presented by: Foundation for the American Institute for Conservation - Connecting to Collections Care
Once an object is placed in a public exhibition environment, it is exposed to a wide variety of threats to its condition. This four-part webinar course will provide practical knowledge …

Upcoming Events

Friday Forum

Event Date:
Hartford, CT
Our popular Friday Forum features a full day of panels and conversations on current challenging issues. This event will take place at the Connecticut Historical Society and is open to …

Museums and New Intelligences

Event Date:
Miami, FL
A working meeting organized by the American Alliance of Museums, funded by Knight Foundation, and hosted by the Pérez Art Museum Miami, this November in Miami, Florida. Registration is now …

MuseumNext NYC

Event Date:
New York, NY
MuseumNext will be returning to New York City in November for a two-day conference focused on ‘Designing the Future of Museums’. MuseumNext features speakers from Australia, New Zealand, …

100th NEMA Conference

Event Date:
Stamford, CT
NEMA is turning 100! Celebrate with us and enjoy a 3-day adventure of learning, growing, and professional development in Stamford, Connecticut. Sharpen your skills with practical ideas and …

November EDCOMversation

Event Date:
As museum professionals, we recognize the power of narrative and context. EdComversations is a place we can share stories- our greatest successes, our most embarrassing flops, those moments …

Latest Stories from AAM

The Joker in the Museum Planning Pack

Category: Center for the Future Of Museums Blog
The fourth and final installment of TrendsWatch 2018’s scenarios of the future is now up on the web. Wild Times explores what might happen if fate deals our field an unexpected card: the …

Wild Times: In which social service nonprofits save the day.

Category: Future Forecasting
Introduction to This Scenario A wild card scenario explores the kind of low-probability, high-impact event that can disrupt the best-laid plans. Though you shouldn’t obsess about these …

A Case Study—in Progress—of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Brand Refresh

Category: Mission & Institutional Planning
With the arrival of a new director and CEO in 2016, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco expanded its largely encyclopedic approach to art history by introducing a curatorial department …

Where the Seats Have No Name: In Defense of Museum Benches

Category: Exhibitions
Sitting gets a bad rap. The last few years have seen articles and media outlets touting that “Sitting is the new smoking.” Standing desks are the latest office furniture trend. And in …