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What New Year’s Resolutions Should Art Museums Be Making?

Category: Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion
"If our museums are to begin to effectively address inequality, disempowerment, isolation, intolerance, climate change, we need to start at home-and with our workers." Seb Chan, Chief …

A critically acclaimed National Gallery show must come down, so workers are moving the art without pay

Category: Labor
January 14 The Rachel Whiteread sculpture show at the National Gallery of Art ended its four-month run this weekend, but because of the partial government shutdown, no one had been able to …

Futuring in New Orleans: Registration Now Open!

Category: Center for the Future Of Museums Blog
I’ll be giving a workshop at the AAM annual meeting in New Orleans where I’ll share some foresight activities you can use to enliven your own institutional planning. The workshop will run …