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Museums of all kinds are critical educational, cultural, and scientific institutions in our society, but the value of our work is not always fully understood. The American Alliance of Museums helps museums tell the stories of their important activities and contributions and promotes a deeper understanding of museums with policymakers, the press, and the public.

Ways to Advocate Today

Alliance Advocacy Alerts

  • Your voice matters. Members of Congress carefully consider input from their constituents when making policy decisions and casting votes. See recent calls-to-action and stay up-to-date on opportunities to weigh-in with your federal legislators.

Policy Issues

  • The Alliance closely monitors a variety of legislative and policy issues that affect museums. See our Issue Briefs, testimony and related materials on key issues affecting museums, including funding for grantmaking federal agencies, tax incentives for charitable giving and education policy.

Introduce Your Museum to Your Members of Congress

  • This is a critical and valuable time to let your federal legislators know about the work you are doing in the community and the ways you can be a resource to them. Start with our template and personalize to share additional information about your work or your museum. It takes just a few clicks to make that first important contact.

Learn More About Museums Advocacy Day

  • Museums Advocacy Day, in Washington, D.C., is a unique opportunity to join with other museum professionals and supporters to make the case for museums. A new Congress has convened, facing an enormous list of timely policy debates, including support for museums. Together as a field we’ve defeated several threats to eliminate or de-fund federal agencies supporting museums, but we must keep making our case. Register today for Museums Advocacy Day 2020!

Access Advocacy Resources

  • The Alliance offers a wide variety of resources for building your own advocacy skills, learning about Congress, making your case effectively, and getting involved advocacy for museums.

Download and Share Critical Data

  • Museums as Economic Engines: Did you know that the total economic contribution of museums in 2016 amounted to more than $50 billion in GDP, 726,200 jobs, and $12 billion in taxes to local, state, and federal governments? Get the full, free report and download the your state’s infographic.
  • Museums & Public Opinion: National public opinion polling shows that Americans overwhelmingly appreciate and recognize the work of museums as educational and economic assets to their communities. Even more, Americans broadly support federal funding of museums and approve of lawmakers who take action to support them. The data speaks clearly, Americans value the museums in their communities.
  • Museum Facts Infographic: See and share key facts about museums’ economic impact and how they support and partner with schools and serve their communities.

Stand for your Mission: Engage Your Board in Advocacy

Cover Image: Stand for your mission reportDownload our report and discussion guide on how your museum and trustees can be more effective at integrating advocacy into the work of your board. Download your copy of Stand for Your Mission now.

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