Ford W. Bell Fellowship for Museums and P-12 Education

Creating a better future for P-12 students through the museum educational model of immersive, experiential, hands-on learning

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Areas of Support:

Kids deserve an education that is passion-based, immersive, hands-on and personalized to their needs. Help museums build this vibrant learning landscape.

Imagine a future when every child can...

  • attend a museum-based preschool, learning through immersive hands-on play in multisensory, inspiring environments
  • study history, art and science by 3D printing objects from the greatest museums in the world, drawing on vast, free collections of digital data
  • intern in a museum, learning critical thinking and collaborative skills while engaged in projects with real-world significance
  • supplement place-based learning with online coursework and mentoring from top-notch curators and museum educators around the globe

All these great learning opportunities exist some places, for some kids. The Center for the Future of Museums wants to ensure all children in the US can make museums part of their personal learning plan.

How can you create this future? By helping us find, foster and scale up the best educational innovations in museums large and small across the country.

Your donation will support:

  • pilot projects that help communities integrate museums into the local learning ecosystem
  • in-depth reporting on the best educational innovations in museums and fostering new experiments
  • helping museums find and use digital platforms that make their resources freely available to teachers and students
  • research documenting how museums are contribute to US education now, enabling us to set goals for how much bigger this role can be in the future

CFM mapped a route to this bright future in Building the Future of Education: Museums and the Learning Landscape. Now CFM is recruiting a champion to lead us down that path--the Ford W. Bell Fellow for Museums and P-12 Education. Your contribution will equip the Ford Fellow to make real world change.

Are you satisfied with our current educational system? Do you think every child is getting what she or he needs to thrive? Or do you think we can do better? If so, now is the time to act, as the United States struggles to invent the next era of education, one that fosters critical thinking, innovation, creativity, teamwork and collaboration.

In other words: the type of learning museums do best.