Education Future Fiction Challenge & Ford W. Bell Fellowship

Submission Period: January 18-March 14

The Center for the Future of Museums is excited to announce a national challenge and fellowship that invites people to contribute their vision of an educational future for the US that includes museums at its core.

2016 Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo

Thursday, May 26 - Sunday, May 29
Washington, DC

Power, Influence and Responsibility

Museums are powerful community assets economically, culturally, educationally, and as places to convene and discuss issues of the day. They memorialize historic events and bear witness to political and social change. They strive to foster healthy dialogue and provide a venue for healing and renewal. Museums use their power to teach respect for cultural differences and foster community cohesion and sustainability.
How is your museum using its power?

Museums Advocacy Day

Monday, Feb. 22 - Tuesday, Feb. 23 
Washington, DC

Museums Advocacy Day is a critical and unique opportunity to make a unified case to Congress about the value of museums. We provide policy briefings and schedule your meetings on Capitol Hill. Learn more.

Unpaid Museum Internships: See Viewpoints and Resources

A vigorous discussion is under way among members of our museum community regarding the issue of unpaid internships and its implications for the diversity of museum professionals, now and in the future. A growing number of advocates is calling for changes to ensure that all candidates, not just those of ample means, can have access to jobs in our field. To help further the conversation, we’ve gathered a variety of articles and resources on the issue.


Museums Are Hiring

Find position listings at JobHQ.

Museum Junction

Join the discussion. Ask or answer questions from your colleagues.

Museums Do That

Everyday we hear about museums changing lives.

Watch this video conveying just two of these compelling stories.

All-Staff Package

As part of our Tier 3 museum membership, museums have the exclusive opportunity to purchase the All-Staff Package of individual memberships at one low price.