Eligibility and Requirements


Non-profit museums of any size and discipline are eligible to participate. To apply, museums must:

  • Have been open to the public for at least two years.
  • The primary institution in each country must be a museum or cultural center/institution that functions in the capacity of a museum. In essence, this means that both institutions must have collections or exhibitions, or they must use/interpret objects and/or a site (e.g. a historical site) for the public presentation of regularly scheduled programs and exhibits.
  • Have the institutional and financial capacity to complete the activities and create the outputs described in their proposal.
  • Have at least one partner. U.S. museums must partner with a non-U.S. museum and vice versa.Receive endorsement from the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate to participate (non-U.S. museums only). Museums Connect staff facilitates the request for endorsement.

Previous recipients of a Museums Connect or Museums & Community Collaborations Abroad award may reapply if:

  • Two cycles have elapsed since the previous award (e.g., 2012 awardees are next eligible to apply for the 2015 cycle).
  • The proposed project is new and innovative rather than a continuation of the previous project.
  • The proposal features a new museum partner. Museums may not reapply with previous partners.
  •  The project reaches new audiences and communities.


  • Projects must engage museums' targeted communities as active participants rather than passive audiences. Museums Connect does not fund construction projects or projects focused primarily on staff/institutional development or capacity building, staff-to-staff exchange, traditional exhibit design or object exchange, or artist residencies.
  • Projects must include travel between participating countries.
  • Awards require a 50% cost-share match by the U.S. and non-U.S. museums together. This cost share can be made up of any combination of direct expenses (e.g., salaries and benefits, materials, supplies), indirect expenses if the U.S. museum has a federally negotiated rate and funds received from non-federal sources.
  • U.S. and non-U.S. awardees must comply with federal grant requirements and submit quarterly and final narrative and financial reports.

Full eligibility guidelines and requirements can be found in the Museums Connect proposal packet.