Who is involved?

The key players in a MAP assessment are the museum staff and governing authority, the peer reviewer and Alliance staff.

Museum staff and governing authority complete a self-study, work with the peer reviewer and embed recommendations into their organization’s planning and implementation.
The peer reviewer conducts a site visit and writes a report in collaboration with your institution.
Alliance staff matches you with a peer reviewer and provides resources on standards and best practices.

What are the steps?

  1. Choose your assessment and apply for the program.

  2. After notification of acceptance into the program, you will receive a self-study workbook for your institution’s policies, procedures and records. You have four months to complete the self-study.

  3. We help match you with an experienced museum professional who reviews your self-study and other documents, conducts a 1-3 day site visit and writes a report with recommendations for change.

  4. You then formulate goals and strategies and incorporate information from the self-study, site visit and report into your planning process. Your peer reviewer is available to help throughout the process.

 The program can be completed in under a year. View a sample timeline.