MAP Process and Timeline

MAP can be completed in under a year.

For your museum to benefit from MAP, the process needs to be an institutional priority. Committing to MAP includes:

  • meeting deadlines
  • involving the staff and governing authority for a year

  • engaging the museum’s internal and external communities

  • evaluating the process

Who’s Involved?

Your museum’s Assessment Team is a critical part of the MAP process. Key paid and unpaid staff, members of your governing authority, and other important constituencies should be involved and be ready to make the significant time commitment. The Assessment Team is responsible for conducting the assessment and integrating it into the museum’s planning and implementation process. Members of the team can change as needed during the MAP process.

Who from your organization should be on this team? People with the:

  • knowledge about how things really work or don’t work at your organization, about what resources are available, about how to get things done

  • authority to make decisions about policies or procedures

  • responsibility for implementing decisions arising from the assessment and subsequent planning

Consider who should be the primary contact between the museum and AAM. It may be a member of your governing authority, the director, or another staff member with appropriate skills to lead a team. Generally we do not recommend having the development director or grant writer lead the team. Notify MAP staff if the primary contact changes during the MAP process.

Learn more about the time commitment and responsibilities.