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MAP Assessment Types

Choose the assessment that’s right for your museum.

Organizational Assessment

This assessment reviews all operational areas of the museum. Upon completion, a museum is better prepared to operate as a 21st century museum with a strong understanding of core museum standards and professional practices that support sustainability. This assessment places significant emphasis on strategic planning as well as ensuring operations and resources align with the museum’s mission.

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Collections Stewardship Assessment

This assessment focuses on collections policies, planning, access, and documentation within the context of the museum’s total operations. The scope of the assessment includes collections care and use; acquisitions and deaccessioning; legal, ethical, and safety issues; documentation; inventory; and emergency planning.

If applying for the Collections Stewardship Assessment, MAP staff strongly recommends that the museum has a collections management policy or draft ready before the site visit.

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Community Engagement Assessment

This assessment reviews the museum’s understanding of and relationship with its various communities and the communities’ perception of, and experience with, the museum. A community engagement assessment helps museums gather better input from their constituents, develop a more nuanced view about the community’s demographics and needs, respond to the changing nature of its audiences, and incorporate these findings into planning and operational decisions. This process helps museums form new collaborations and strengthen old ones.

If applying for the Community Engagement Assessment, MAP staff strongly recommends that the museum already have:

  • Formal and approved mission statement. An approved mission statement indicates a clear institutional self-image that can be tested against the community’s perception.
  • Previous experience with self-study, as that helps you manage assessment logistics, which need to involve members of your museum’s community and audiences.
  • An established process for institutional and strategic planning, ensuring a way of using the large amount of information that will result from your museum’s self-study and report.

Learn more about the Community Engagement Assessment


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