Welcome to TrendsWatch, CFM’s annual forecasting report. Each edition summarizes emerging trends identified through CFM’s research. The reports:

  • explore how each trend is playing out in the world
  • investigate what this means for society and for museums
  • share examples of how museums are engaging with this trend
  • suggest how museums might respond.
Each of these reports is available as a free PDF download.

TrendsWatch 2015

Open Data | Ethical Consumerism | Personalization | Rising Sea Levels | Wearable Technology | Slow Culture

Clicking on the report’s title, above, will take you to a page asking you to provide your name and e-mail address, in return for a link enabling you to download the report.

After you’ve had some time to read and digest the contents, we will follow up with an e-mail inviting you to tell us a bit about how you have used this year’s TrendsWatch. We appreciate your help in this latest experiment in tracking the reach and impact of the report.

TrendsWatch 2015 is available in print edition in the AAM Bookstore.

TrendsWatch 2014

Social Entrepreneurship | Multisensory Experiences | Big Data | Privacy | The Sharing Economy | Robots

Read Before Opening PDF: Apropos of two of the trends covering in this year’s report—big data and privacy—the attached PDF is different from last year’s report in a subtle but important way. Embedded in the document is a tracking code (aka, the “magic chip”) that counts when the report is opened or printed, and reports these stats back to CFM. Your browser may ask you to confirm that you want to let us track your use of the report—please say yes, as tracking the distribution of the free PDF provides the information we need to attract underwriting for the report.

TrendsWatch 2014 is also available in print edition and as a free app for the iPad.

TrendsWatch 2013 

Trends in Philanthropy | 3-D Printing | Microcredentialing | The Internet of Things | Disconnecting from Digital Experiences | The Urban Renaissance

TrendsWatch 2012

Crowdsourcing | Threats to Nonprofit Status | Mobile, Pop-up Experiences | Alternate Funding | Creative Aging | Augmented Reality | New Educational Era

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