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David Whitemyer

David Whitemyer is the Director of Business Development at Luci Creative, an exhibit and experience design firm, and an instructor in Johns Hopkins University’s Museum Studies program. He can be reached at

Recent Posts by David Whitemyer

Say Cheese! 3 Ways Museums Can Compete with Instagrammable Pop-Ups

Category: Exhibitions
This article is loosely based on a session panel that I facilitated at the 2018 New England Museum Association (NEMA) conference titled, “Let Me Take a Selfie: The Power of Photo Ops and …

Where the Seats Have No Name: In Defense of Museum Benches

Category: Exhibitions
Sitting gets a bad rap. The last few years have seen articles and media outlets touting that “Sitting is the new smoking.” Standing desks are the latest office furniture trend. And in …

It Takes a Village: Are You Getting These 6 Perspectives for Your Exhibition?

Category: Exhibitions
Many exhibition development teams are made up of curators and content specialists, museum leadership, and designers (3D designers, graphic designers, and sometimes in-house fabricators). On …

Practice Makes Perfect: 4 Keys to Exhibit Prototyping Success

Category: Exhibitions
If you’ve ever cut out a piece of cardboard the size of an exhibit graphic panel and taped it to a wall to see if it’s at a readable height, that’s prototyping. Creating a beta version of a …

Taking Chances: 6 Strategies to Encourage Risk-Taking in Exhibit Design

Category: Exhibitions
Attractive and engaging exhibition projects are born from more than just good designers and interesting subjects. Successful projects are also the result of teams and leaders who take …

Gorilla Warfare: How to Handle Exhibition Errors

Category: Alliance Blog
It’s not a matter of if, but when. Whether an exhibition is 500 square feet with a few labels and a curator’s catalogue, or a whopping 50,000 square feet with hundreds of graphic panels and …