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Decolonizing the Future: museums as agents of generational equity

“We treat the future like a distant colonial outpost devoid of people, where we can freely dump ecological degradation, technological risk, nuclear waste and public debt, and that we feel …

Is This the World’s Most Accessible Museum?

Access matters: How rethinking low-cost memberships promoted inclusion and boosted visits at the Madison Children’s Museum

Maintenance Workers at Metropolitan Museum Receive 63% Pay Increase

With Their Subject Matter in the Crosshairs, What Should Museums Do?

Trans Inclusion: Shedding light on gender transition and inclusion in the workplace.

No Stone Left Unturned: How the Oakland Museum of California is practicing equity and inclusion.

Partnering with the Blind to Make Exhibits More Accessible

Monday Musing: Managed Retreat

Welcoming Service Dogs to Your Museum

Sofa So Good: A word on behalf of older folks

These Museums Helped Welcome Immigrants and Refugees to their Community, and Yours Can Too!

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You’re Doing What?!: The Cañada Alamosa Project, we called it

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Dennis O’Toole has held leadership roles in museums throughout his career, as well as been a prominent force in the American Association for State and Local History. His column below is the …

Growing Audiences with the Annual Survey of Museum-Goers

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Who visits our museums? What are their motivations, and what do they expect from the experience? Alternatively, who is not visiting, and why not? These are critical questions for the future …