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Social Media and Online Communications

Creating a Social Media Strategy

American Alliance of Museums

Presenters from the Technology, Interpretation, and Education (TIE) 2010 online conference share a white paper on Creating a Social Media Strategy (PDF, 5 pages) to help museums understand the importance of strategy when implementing social media activities. It includes 4 elements to consider when developing a strategy and 5 ways social media can help a museum interact with visitors, members, and supporters.

Do We Need a Social Media Policy?

American Alliance of Museums

Museum magazine looks at what should be included in a social medial policy, who should be monitoring/staffing social media feeds, and whether or not staff should be allowed to use social media at work.

What YouTube Can Do for Museums

American Alliance of Museums

Museum magazine examines how museums can use YouTube to engage visitors and extend their reach.

Sample Documents

American Alliance of Museums

AAM provides Tier 3 museum members with sample social media policies.

Social Butterfly

American Alliance of Museums

Museum magazine explains how museum leadership can and should get engaged with social media. It also offers insight on measuring results, the 5 social media must-haves for museum executives, and tips for leveraging social media while still keeping a professional tone.

Social Media Case Study

American Alliance of Museums

The Alliance provides a handout from its 2013 annual meeting, which offers a case study of the Woodland Park Zoo’s social media and email campaign “Give Ten for Tigers” that raised $149,000 in two weeks.

Legal Guide for Bloggers

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Frontier Foundation shares a legal guide for bloggers. While the guide does not constitute legal advice, it does provide a basic roadmap to the legal issues surrounding blogging.

Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide


IdealWare provides a Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide to help organizations decide what social media tools are most appropriate for their specific needs.

Social Media/Web Guidelines and Strategy Worksheets

Museums and the Web

Museums and the Web share Minnesota Historical Society’s social media, blog and website strategy worksheets.

Blog Guidelines for Authors

National Museum of American History

National Museum of American History shares its blog guidelines for authors.

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