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House to Vote on NEA & NEH Budget Cuts – Call Your Representative Today!

Advocacy Alert
Advocacy Alert – July 17, 2018 HOUSE TO VOTE ON NEA & NEH BUDGET CUTS – CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY! The U.S. House of Representatives today will begin consideration of …

Sketchnote-taking: Suggestions from Shaelyn

Career Management
When I was packing to head to Phoenix for AAM2018, I stuffed my suitcase full of dresses to be ready for the Arizona heat, jackets to be ready for the convention-center air conditioning, …

How architects are using virtual reality to walk through buildings that don’t yet exist

Two-dimensional renderings (such as the ones you see on this page) can deliver a general idea of a building's form and scale. But virtual reality's uncanny ability to convey a sensation of …