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Resources and a New funding opportunity for museums—Help shape the future

Category: Alliance Blog
I’ve spent many years thinking about the future of museums and the field. Where are we going? What work is critical at this moment? What issues are bubbling up that we need to be aware of? …

What New Year’s Resolutions Should Art Museums Be Making?

Category: Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion
"If our museums are to begin to effectively address inequality, disempowerment, isolation, intolerance, climate change, we need to start at home-and with our workers." Seb Chan, Chief …

A critically acclaimed National Gallery show must come down, so workers are moving the art without pay

Category: Labor
January 14 The Rachel Whiteread sculpture show at the National Gallery of Art ended its four-month run this weekend, but because of the partial government shutdown, no one had been able to …