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Futurist Friday: a World Without Books

Category: Center for the Future Of Museums Blog

Nothing cheers me up like a bit of distopic future fiction, so to brighten your Friday I share “The Inksect,” by Mexican filmmaker Pablo Calvillo. This short (9 min) animation asks “what would happen if the human race devolves into illiterate cockroaches?”

Here’s how Calvillo describes his scenario:

“In a distopian [sic] world where books are banned and fossil fuels completely consumed, the ruling corporations confiscated all the books to burn them and generate energy. However, in New York City there is an underground group of ex scientists, writers and artists who remember the books and risk their lives to find and save them from being destroyed. They are are known as The Inksect, and this is the story of how Pikes, one of them, ends up finding something even more important than the books: paper and a pen.”

Watch, enjoy…and maybe buy a book on your way home from work tonight.

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THE INKSECT from MaliArts on Vimeo.

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